CTSOL offers high quality interpreting services. We only use qualified linguists for our face to face interpreting services. CTSOL offer interpreting services in over 150 languages. We can provide interpreting services for court and legal proceedings, medical, business conferences, over the phone, sign language, or for any other situation which may arise. CTSOL provides two different types of interpreting services - Consecutive interpreting and Simultaneous interpreting.

Types of Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the most common type of interpretation and is the easiest service to arrange. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking; the speech may be divided into sections.

Simultaneous interpreting takes a bit more setting up and is ideal for situations where there are people present who speak many different languages. In such situations, the interpretation occurs while the source language speaker speaks, as quickly as the interpreter can formulate the spoken message to the target language. Simultaneous interpretation is used in various situations such as court and legal proceedings, business conferences, or in any situation where there are no pauses between speakers allowing time for the interpreter to relay information to the interpretee.

All of our interpreters are highly qualified and rigorously screened so that you can be sure we provide only the highest quality and accurate interpreting service available.

We have specialists that interpret in many fields to ensure that your interpretation is not only fast, but accurate in specialized vocabulary and terminology.

We only accept skilled, educated native speakers, and we've implemented a strict screening and training process to ensure accuracy for our clients. Furthermore, our Interpreters are bound by confidentiality agreements to guarantee privacy and confidentiality.